Month: August 2011

Brushing to Blame for Tooth Sensitivity

When food and drinks prove to be too hot or too cold for your teeth but not for the rest of your mouth, then something is not right. If your teeth seem to suddenly develop their own nervous system, sending pain from the end of your tooth up to your gums, you may be suffering… Read more »

One Home, One Dentist

To suggest that a nuclear family should live in separate locations rather than one home sounds ridiculous. A family lives together in one home. Not only is this preferred because it is more intimate, but it’s also just plain practical. More efficiency and interdependence is possible when you’re under one roof, not to mention a… Read more »

One Life, One Set of Adult Teeth

Once you lose your adult teeth, that’s it. You don’t grow new ones. That is why tooth loss is a big deal. So what causes tooth loss? Are your teeth going to fall out just because you don’t go to the dentist? Directly, no. Indirectly, yes definitely. What makes this true is an unforgiving little… Read more »

Smile for the Lasers

In past generations, lasers were thought of as something in science fiction that you wouldn’t want to be in front of when fired up, let alone open wide for and smile. This may be why futuristic movies never make it into their own futures. They usually get it all wrong. As technology in today’s society… Read more »