Smile for the Lasers

In past generations, lasers were thought of as something in science fiction that you wouldn’t want to be in front of when fired up, let alone open wide for and smile. This may be why futuristic movies never make it into their own futures. They usually get it all wrong.
As technology in today’s society continues to catapult us into new capabilities and efficiencies, the world of preventive dentistry has soared along with it. Laser technology is in a state of constant discovery. This has led to an advanced tooth decay detection called DIAGNOdent.  Far from harmful, this laser is your best friend, unless you’re in hiding and your name is Decay. When the DIAGNOdent hand piece scans your teeth with its pulses of laser light, even the tiniest bit of decay or demineralization (the precursor to decay) is exposed as fluorescent feedback. Early detection and treatment will drastically decrease damage to your teeth, along with the precipitating treatments which tend to cost more.
 Before applying dental sealants, DIAGNOgent ensures that the teeth are 100% healthy and ready for the sealants. Prior to the ability to see under the surface of the tooth, decay could become trapped below sealants and cause issues to crop up further down the road.
DIAGNOdent isn’t science fiction, nor is it one of those new laser technologies that need to be avoided until all the kinks are worked out. There are no kinks in this decay detection, other than outdated fears of lasers. Smiling for the lasers today will help your future smiles retain their healthy, natural teeth.
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