Month: March 2013

Diabetes and Oral Health Linked by Pella General Dentist

Tomorrow is National Diabetes Alert Day, but we should be aware of the issues of diabetes all through the year.  While many of the medical risks associated with this potentially life-threatening condition are well known, people may not be aware of the connection between diabetes and your dental health. Pella general dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Allen, talks… Read more »

Nutrition Tips for Patients Who Wear Dentures

Nutrition is an important part of dental health. This is National Nutrition Month, so what better time to point out how you diet can affect your teeth. The obvious parallel is with sugar and cavities. Sugar may not directly cause cavities, but sucrose certainly contributes. Additionally, carbohydrates are easily converted into sugar, so the bacteria… Read more »

Pella Dentist Talks About Dry Mouth

Have you ever notices a sticky, dry feeling in your mouth? Do you find yourself parched and searching for a refreshing drink more often than not, throughout the day? Does a dry feeling in your throat make you wonder if you’re constantly coming down with something? There are many unpleasant symptoms that accompany a condition… Read more »

Pella General Dentist Describes Dental Crown Types

When you succumb to tooth decay, your dentist will hopefully be able to catch the cavity early. If you are going to your dentist every six months, there is a much higher chance of this. However, if you ignore your dental health by not brushing frequently or avoiding regular dental appointments, you could end up… Read more »