Month: April 2014

Burning Mouth Syndrome Causes and Treatments

Have you ever felt a burning pain on your tongue, lips, gums, roof of your mouth, or inner cheeks? If so, you could have burning mouth syndrome (BMS). The pain with BMS is sometimes severe enough to compare to scalding your oral cavity with hot liquid. Pella dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Allen doesn’t see cases of burning… Read more »

Cosmetic Procedures for All Dental Needs

When you look in the mirror or view pictures of yourself, do you feel that you are sporting a beautiful smile? It’s wonderful to accept yourself as you are. We are all flawed. However, extreme physical issues are not just aesthetically jarring, but sometimes lead to other health issues. In terms of your dental health,… Read more »

Will Licorice in your Diet Help your Teeth?

Alternative medicine and modern Western medicine can both claim hits and misses over history. Recent studies seem to validate what ancient Chinese medical professionals have been saying for a long time. Dried licorice root is healthy for your teeth. How is it possible that something as seemingly mild as licorice might benefit oral health? Pella… Read more »