Burning Mouth Syndrome Causes and Treatments

Bad Breath WomanHave you ever felt a burning pain on your tongue, lips, gums, roof of your mouth, or inner cheeks? If so, you could have burning mouth syndrome (BMS). The pain with BMS is sometimes severe enough to compare to scalding your oral cavity with hot liquid. Pella dentistDr. Jeffrey Allen doesn’t see cases of burning mouth syndrome terribly often, but they do occur on occasion, so awareness is important.

Burning Mouth Syndrome Symptoms

Patients who suffer from BMS are likely to feel a fiery, unpleasant, even painful sensation in one, several, or all parts of the mouth, palate, and throat. Other symptoms could include numbness or tingling, a metallic taste, and dryness in the mouth. Burning mouth syndrome pain isn’t always constant. Discomfort can come on intermittently, but remains constant for certain people. Patients with burning mouth syndrome often feel irritable, have trouble sleeping well, feel heightened anxiety, depression, and can experience trouble eating due to their discomfort.

Causes of Burning Mouth Syndrome

There are two types of burning mouth syndrome. Primary BMS describes cases where the cause is not easy to uncover. If you are diagnosed with this type of burning mouth syndrome, you may experience issues with the taste and sensory nerves, or the central nervous system. Secondary burning mouth syndrome presents with symptoms from more obvious underlying medical conditions. Nutritional deficiencies are sometimes the crux of the issue with this type of BMS.

Treatment of BMS

Treatment methods for BMS usually depend upon the underlying cause of your case. Seeing Dr. Allen to try and pinpoint the cause will help you find relief from your symptoms. If the cause of your case of burning mouth syndrome is not obvious, you may need to try several treatment methods to figure out the one which works for you. Among common treatment options are medications such as Klonopin, oral thrush medication, and anti-depressants. Saliva replacements are sometimes successful. Alpha-lipoic acid and B vitamins are good supplemental remedies. If psychology could have something to do with your case of BMS, cognitive behavioral therapy may help. Just make sure that you discuss all medications and treatments with your general physician as well as Dr. Allen.

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