Month: January 2013

Pella Dentist: Which Is Worse for Your Teeth, Coffee or Soda?

We’ve all heard that coffee stains teeth. We’ve also heard that soda isn’t good for our mouths, either. But is one worse than the other? Your Pella cosmetic dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Allen, weighs in on which is worse, coffee or soda.

Pella Dentist: What’s a Crown and Bridge?

Everyone desires that perfect smile. Across American people rely on cosmetic and restorative dentistry to brighten and repair their smiles. But what if you have a missing tooth? Replacing a missing tooth in a way that looks completely natural is possible and available to patients at Allen Family Dentistry. Pella cosmetic dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Allen, explains… Read more »

Pregnant and Concerned About Your Dental Health? Try This Quiz

Pregnancy puts people into protection mode. Everything revolves around the health of the growing baby. Many women are concerned about whether or not they should keep up with bi-annual dental checkups during pregnancy. While x-rays are certainly out during the gestational period, preventive care such as cleanings and dental exams can, and should, continue as… Read more »

Pella Dentist on Treating TMJ Earaches

Do you suffer from chronic earaches? If you have persistent ear pain, you may need to see your Pella dentist. Many people suffer from constant ear and headaches might be experiencing symptoms of a common, and painful, dental problem. TMJ disorder causes a popping in the jaw and make eating and talking difficult. This issue… Read more »