Pregnant and Concerned About Your Dental Health? Try This Quiz

TrueOrFalseMousePregnancy puts people into protection mode. Everything revolves around the health of the growing baby. Many women are concerned about whether or not they should keep up with bi-annual dental checkups during pregnancy. While x-rays are certainly out during the gestational period, preventive care such as cleanings and dental exams can, and should, continue as always. In fact, hormonal changes put pregnant women at a higher risk for periodontal disease. Try out this quiz from your Pella dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Allen.


Q1. True or false –The best time to visit the dentist when pregnant is the first trimester.
Q2. True or false – Morning sickness can cause potential issues of tooth enamel erosion.
Q3. True or false – A baby’s teeth develop in the second trimester.


A1. FALSE – Preparing for parenthood can be downright frightening, albeit exciting. You have enough to deal with without having to worry about dental procedures to treat cavities and gum disease. If you are planning pregnancy, scheduling a dental appointment some time shortly before you get pregnant is the best case scenario. Otherwise, once you are pregnant, the best time to see the dentist while pregnant is the second trimester.
A2. TRUE – Morning sickness is something that many pregnant women are challenged with. When constant nausea and even frequent vomiting befall a woman, their goals to keep gums and teeth healthy might become a low priority. However, throwing up can expose your teeth to acid, which causes enamel erosion. Even if toothpaste is hard to take, at least rinse your mouth with water or mouthwash after episodes of sickness to protect your tooth enamel.
A3. TRUE – A baby’s teeth do start to develop in the second trimester. This is usually the time when most women notice morning sickness begins to diminish. What you eat also feeds your baby, so maintaining a nutritious diet is essential for both of you to maintain healthy teeth, bones, and gums.

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