Month: February 2021

It Is Time For A Family Checkup!

happy young family looking at camera at dentist office

If you were to ask a number of adults what their biggest dental fear would be, tooth loss would probably be number one on their list. While there are restorative procedures available to address this concern, it is always better to act sooner rather than later and attempt to prevent these circumstances from occurring rather… Read more »

Looking At Various Degrees of Tooth Loss

Close up, Removable partial denture (RPD.) on black background.

When it comes to maintaining a healthy, lifelong smile, it takes a lot more than just paying mind to brushing regularly. In fact, a number of concerns such as cavities, infections, and more can become a major problem if you neglect to attend routine checkups, pay mind to the foods and beverages you consume, and… Read more »

Why You Need To Address That Cavity Immediately

Dental caries. Filling with dental composite photopolymer material using rabbders. The concept of dental treatment in a dental clinic

Concerns such as bite misalignment, gaps in-between teeth, and other circumstances of the like all share a common trait in that they are concerns that can be delayed until the time allows you to pursue them. Indeed, many individuals believe that a vast majority of dental concerns follow suit in that time is not necessarily… Read more »

Correcting Misalignment With Invisalign®

Teeth retainer for improving bite. Teeth care. Sensative woman holds teeth retainer. Mobile orthodontic appliance. Close-up of woman holds transparent teeth aligner.

For a number of people, the biggest concern they will ever face when it comes to their smile is the negative effects of harmful oral bacteria, causing common concerns such as decay, infection, and even tooth loss. For others, all preventive care measures can be properly taken, yet minor to major misalignment can cause serious… Read more »