Exploring Your Tooth Replacement Options

Tooth loss can happen due to accidents, injuries, and health conditions. No matter how it has occurred, it’s important to treat tooth loss as soon as possible. When this problem is ignored, it can cause a change in your ability to chew, speak, and may lower your self-confidence. The team at Allen and Neumann Family Dentistry in Pella, IA, offers a variety of replacement options so you can find one that precisely fits your needs.

If You Have Several Missing Teeth In A Row

A large gap in your smile may have been caused by losing several of your pearly whites in the same area. This type of loss can happen after an injury or other reasons. When you are missing several structures in a row, it can cause changes in your smile’s appearance and function. One method available to help treat this is a dental bridge. This is a fixed option that is held in place by crowns on your adjacent teeth. The bridge will be created to blend in with the natural appearance of your smile and improve actions like eating and talking. Before receiving your prosthetic, your dentist will examine your oral cavity to ensure your gums and existing teeth are in good health.

A Way To Address Serious Tooth Loss

Dentures are another helpful prosthetic option. These may be the replacement method you envision when you think about prosthetics. They can be a partial or complete set depending on your needs. A partial set will fill the gaps you have while leaving room for your existing natural teeth. A complete set can be used to mimic an entire arch of your dental structures. Bridges and dentures offer similar benefits but differ in some ways. While bridges are fixed in place, dentures are typically a removable option unless they are retained with implants.

Replace The Root And Crown Of Your Tooth

When you lose one of your dental structures, it affects more than just your appearance. The crown is the visible part of the tooth and may be the most obvious change that occurs. However, you also lose the root, which supports your pearly whites and keeps your jaw in place. Dental implants can be used to recreate the entire lost structure. This option offers several advantages, from protecting your jaw from deterioration to giving you a complete smile. Receiving implants can take several months and requires healthy gums and a sturdy jaw. The implant post can be used to replace one or many lost teeth.

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