Avoid The Leading Cause Of Tooth Loss

Snow Pella IAIn terms of positive dental maintenance, you may understandably focus on the teeth. After all, this is what people see when you smile and talk during important human connections. They are also vital in our ability to have a fully functional smile. Surprisingly enough, the number one cause of tooth loss does not come from physical trauma or cavities.

Periodontal disease is a highly prevalent condition in which the gum tissue becomes subsumed with bacterial growth. This disease affects over four in every ten Americans over the age of thirty in some level of severity. When microorganisms affect the health of this tissue, the gums begin to pull back from their normal location on the tooth. The resulting pocket allows for the rapid growth of bacteria, where it can be especially difficult to clean during your routine oral health hygiene. At Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry in Pella, IA, the treatment of troublesome periodontal disease is key in the prevention of infection within the teeth. If you ignore this condition, it could result in tooth loss and even the spread of bacterial growth into the jaw and even the bloodstream. Renew your gums to keep your dental defenses up!

Microscopic Creatures Can Risk Tooth Loss

Periodontal disease often begins as a condition known as gingivitis. This refers to the initial inflammation that comes alongside the infection of the gum tissue. If you notice redness or swelling at a certain location, it could be the onset of gingivitis. Schedule an appointment with a qualified dental health professional when you start to notice blood when brushing your teeth. This could be a sign.

Periodontal Restoration Can Renew Your Defenses

Once the gums start to recede, the restoration of this material is vital in saving your smile from future infection. Gum grafting is an effective means of renewing your gumline to a healthy level. The first step in this process is the removal of any diseased matter, so early detection can mean a less invasive procedure.

Your remaining periodontal tissue can be stretched in order to cover the necessary area. If additional material is necessary, then a secondary site can be useful in building back up the area that suffers from infection. A recovery period of a week or two is usually sufficient to heal. This includes a soft diet, but you will be up on your feet and resuming daily activities shortly!

Gum Disease Treatment In Pella, IA

In order to keep a safe and healthy mouth, you need to be taking the time to care for your periodontal tissue. If you have begun to experience the recession of your gums, do not wait in seeking treatment for this condition. Contact Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry in Pella, IA by calling 641-628-1121 to learn more about how we renew gumlines to help keep mouths safe from future microbiological harm to the teeth and jaw. Protect your natural material to allow your immune system to do its job in fighting bacterial growth and keep your dental matter stable!