Month: September 2011

Chocolate Treatment

This may come as a shock, but chocolate is good for you. It has been linked to reducing the risk of heart disease, cardiovascular disease, and type two diabetes. Chocolate makes us healthy while it makes us happy. Give yourself a daily “chocolate treatment.” Flavonoids in chocolate account for strong antioxidants. In fact, the Journal… Read more »

Get Away with Murder by Drinking Water

If you want to kill somebody, this is the wrong article. We’re actually going to discuss the opposite: helping somebody live— healthier and better. That person is you! In the process, we’re going to show you a few things you can get away with while keeping good health.  First of all, let’s just get the… Read more »

Century-old Dental Breakthrough: Floss

Commercial floss was first manufactured from silk in 1882, but what did we do before then? Chances are, lost more teeth.  Today, we use a Gore-Tex material to floss our teeth. That is, when and if we in fact floss our teeth. The average amount of floss bought per person each year is 18 yards…. Read more »

Mall Kiosks to Whiten Teeth: Do They Work?

Between the clothing and shoe stores at the mall, the center walkway features stand alone, booth-like shops, typically attended  by aggressive salesmen. These little shops without walls are called kiosks. Sometimes they sell sunglasses, jewelry, or ten-minute massages in funny little chairs. You might have noticed a kiosk with dental chairs. People sit in the… Read more »