Get Away with Murder by Drinking Water

If you want to kill somebody, this is the wrong article. We’re actually going to discuss the opposite: helping somebody live— healthier and better. That person is you! In the process, we’re going to show you a few things you can get away with while keeping good health
First of all, let’s just get the monetary factor out of the way. Water is cheaper than any other beverage. Enough said. You can get away with spending more money elsewhere if you become a water drinker. In fact, the next time you see somebody drinking water, go ahead and commend him on his prudence, then ask him about the fun things he can afford to buy as a water-man. 
Snack consumption outside of a regular meal continues to increase among Americans, accounting for more than 25 percent of calorie intake each day, according to research presented at the 2011 Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Annual Meeting & Food Expo®. Don’t think this is all in food you eat. A major portion of the calories is just beverages. What this means is that you can get away with eating a lot more calories if you just switch your drink to water.
Many beverages are harmfully acidic to your mouth and teeth. Water fights acid erosion by balancing the pH of your mouth and rinsing away the acids. So, of course, if you switch to water, you will have less erosion, but in addition, you can get away with drinking your preferred acidic drinks if you’ll just rinse with water immediately afterwards. It’s an easy and powerful preventive measure against serious oral problems, including periodontal disease.
For all you caffeine junkies, you need to know, drinks with caffeine dehydrate you. The antithesis of dehydration is water. The H in H2O stands for hydrogen, from which the word “hydration” derived. The only thing more energizing than caffeine is staying hydrated, which is attained by drinking less caffeine and more water. Their coffees in hand, the guys at the office will be confused as they come your way with tired, dehydrated eyes watching you bouncing off the walls, fueled by cups of water.
Water is the best liquid for your oral health, and it lets you get away with, well, we’ll just say, more!
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