Month: December 2019

Smile Tips for Happy Travel

‘Tis the season of travel to family and friends, and the talented doctors at your Pella, IA family dentist want to make sure your smile care stays strong at home and when you are away. In the excitement of packing a suitcase, dashing for a plane, or giving last minute instructions to the pet sitter,… Read more »

Dental Bridges Can Connect You To Better Oral Health

A missing tooth can impact your oral health, causing a change in your bite, jaw discomfort, or pain while chewing. It can also affect your confidence when you smile. A dental bridge, however, is a great solution to help relieve pain, prevent tooth decay, and provide positive self-esteem. Our dental team in Pella, IA, wants… Read more »

Are Your Teeth Sensitive? It’s Important to Know Why

Your teeth are meant to handle a lot without any complaint, so when they start to grow sensitive, it’s natural to worry. In fact, sensitive teeth are a common sign of many different dental health concerns, and ignoring them could lead to more serious concerns with your teeth and more. While some home remedies, like… Read more »

How TMJ Disorder Makes Things Harder for You

The thing about TMJ pain is that, when patients experience it, they don’t always know why, or what’s causing it. That’s because many of the aches and pains related to TMJ disorder can be so diverse that they don’t even seem related to your jaw. However, because your TMJs control your jaw movement, jaw pain… Read more »