Month: October 2021

Versatile Treatment With Crown Restorations

Tooth with Golden Crown isolated on white background

The last thing any person wants is to lose a natural tooth for good. Indeed, tooth loss is a common fear among patients, and the truth of the matter is, this is a reality for some. Failing to seek treatment when a dental concern is minor will always lead to the situation becoming worse, and… Read more »

Ways Composite Fillings Protect Your Smile

Doctor holds jaw and dental UV lamp to fill dental jaw. Dental treatment concept

Taking care of your smile means more than just brushing your teeth every day. In fact, it takes consistent care in a variety of forms to pave the way for a lifelong grin. You see, your oral health is constantly under attack from a variety of infections, diseases, decay, and more, and each of these… Read more »

How You Benefit From Periodontal Cleaning

Gum disease comparison with a healthy tooth and an unhealthy one with periodontitis and poor oral hygiene health problem as a bacteria infection diagram concept with inflammation as a 3D illustration.

Your oral health is comprised of many more areas than just your teeth, and as such, your preventive dental routine should be reflective of this situation. Indeed, candy and other food items can influence the development of tooth decay, but keep in mind that particles that become lodged in-between structures can cause the development of… Read more »

What To Know About Halloween Candy

Happy children in carnival costumes trick or treating with pumpkin basket in the old wooden house. Halloween party.

It goes without saying that common and uncommon phenomena alike can contribute to harm and destruction within your smile. In fact, there are more issues out there that pose risks than can be counted on two hands, which is why it is essential we put all the effort we can into our preventive dental care… Read more »