How You Benefit From Periodontal Cleaning

Gum disease comparison with a healthy tooth and an unhealthy one with periodontitis and poor oral hygiene health problem as a bacteria infection diagram concept with inflammation as a 3D illustration.Your oral health is comprised of many more areas than just your teeth, and as such, your preventive dental routine should be reflective of this situation. Indeed, candy and other food items can influence the development of tooth decay, but keep in mind that particles that become lodged in-between structures can cause the development of gum disease and other complications as well. In today’s blog, your Pella, IA dentist takes a look at what happens when you neglect the other aspects of your oral health, and how a periodontal cleaning may be able to help.

Inadequate Prevention

It goes without saying that preventive dentistry is the name of the game when it comes to taking care of your smile. Indeed, when asked about their preventive routine, most patients are quick to talk about their teeth-brushing patterns. While this is certainly an important step, it is important to remember that prevention does not stop there.

Indeed, your oral health is comprised of your teeth, gums, roots, cheeks, lips, tongue, and other tissues and structures. This means that there are more aspects to consider than just your teeth when caring for your grin. One such important area, in particular, includes your gums. You see, your gums house your teeth roots and ensure that they are protected and able to support the pressure of your bite. When these tissues become infected, the connection weakens, and your chances of developing issues such as gum disease increase exponentially.

What’s more? Without proper care, this could potentially lead to even tooth loss. As such, it is important to practice a well-rounded routine that prioritizes your teeth, gums, and more. To learn more about this process and what your next steps may be, contact our team today.

Noticeable Side Effects

More often than not, food particles may become lodged between teeth while you eat. Without a way to remove these particles, they attract oral bacteria that then swarm to the site and begin to wreak havoc on your gums and sensitive structures. As this occurs, these microorganisms will make their way beneath the gum line and begin forming plaque on your roots.

When you experience periodontal issues, you will begin to notice a number of signs. These include inflamed, swollen, or bleeding gums, alarmingly loose structures, and even teeth falling out on their own.

Treatment That Helps

In order to mitigate the damage and ensure your health, your dentist may recommend a periodontal cleaning. This process consists of carefully cleaning beneath the surface of the gums and removing deposits of plaque from the roots of your teeth.

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