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It Is Time For A Family Checkup!

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If you were to ask a number of adults what their biggest dental fear would be, tooth loss would probably be number one on their list. While there are restorative procedures available to address this concern, it is always better to act sooner rather than later and attempt to prevent these circumstances from occurring rather… Read more »

Addressing Your Dental Anxiety

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It goes without saying that many individuals and families are aware that preventive dental care – both at home and at the dentist’s office – is necessary to maintaining a lifelong grin. For some, however, the thought of extensive treatment or procedures may warrant a sense of dread, causing anxiety and, in some cases, even… Read more »

What Does Personalized Dental Care Look Like?

The same oral health guidelines apply to everyone, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone needs the same exact treatment. Cavities may seem to be a constant threat for some individuals, while others don’t struggle with them at all. While the care that you give your teeth and gums affects their overall health, your genetics… Read more »

Your Cleaning: Things You Can Look Forward To 

It’s just one little part of the fabric of your life, when you’re doing things right: It’s your professional dental cleaning that you should be receiving from us twice every single year. When you consider the fact that we need to see you twice within a 12-month period, you quickly realize this means you’re going… Read more »

3 Times You’ll Need A Checkup First

As you are well aware, there’s a guideline in place for your dental checkups and cleanings that we suggest you receive every year: Our Pella, IA team encourages you to remain on track with keeping your teeth and gums safe by scheduling a preventive care visit once every six months, which shakes out to roughly… Read more »

Very Important Details To Remember About Checkups

There are some things you’re really going to want to remember about dental checkups. Why is that, you ask? Well, because if you allow yourself to forget about how important they are, how easy they are, and more, you may not feel quite as motivated to schedule and keep up with them. When you aren’t… Read more »