Has It Been Too Long Since Your Last Checkup?

Leaf Pella IAThe routine maintenance of your smile starts at home, but you also need the help of a trained professional. Generally, healthy mouths of all ages need to be in the dental chair every six months, if not sooner. Speak with your provider about your specific needs, as environmental and genetic factors can impact your timeline. Some patients need special care to ensure a consistent level of dental health quality.

Spend some time with our team at Allen & Neumann in Pella, IA and uncover the benefits of consistent cleanings and examinations. Your semiannual checkup is vital to the lasting strength of your mouth, in two different distinct manners. The visual examination portion allows you to have the knowledge you need to improve your home hygiene techniques. There are areas where your brushing simply cannot do the entire job, so discuss the things that are holding you back with your provider. In addition, the dedicated cleaning of your smile is vital to your ongoing success!

Set Your Timeline With Your Dentist And Keep To Your Schedule

The standard guideline for routine visits to the dentist is a checkup every six months. Depending on your current needs, you may require more frequent examinations to keep an eye on any changes that are happening. Speak with your dentist about the entirety of your health, so that any additional medical considerations can be taken into consideration. Auto-immune disorders like Type I diabetes can contribute to tooth decay and periodontal disease, for example. A comprehensive approach views your health concerns as part of your whole wellbeing, and your semiannual checkups are a key aspect of your dentistry.

What To Expect At Your Visit

Your checkup has two distinct portions that serve to protect your mouth from harm such as bacterial infection. When these microorganisms feed on the food that remains after eating, they leave an acidic film behind. Plaque is the term for this material, and if you allow it to remain, it hardens into a more compact form called tartar. During your visit, you will receive a dedicated removal of your bacterial accumulation.

Your examination also gives you the knowledge you need to keep your home care at a consistently high level. Through the years, growing risks to your health can cause lasting damage, without routine visits to the dentist. Early detection helps you to notice concerns as they occur.

A Consistent Eye On Your Dentistry In Pella, IA

We look forward to meeting your smile! Call our team today at Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry in Pella, IA at 641-628-1121 for more information or to schedule an appointment. The cleaning of your mouth during your semiannual checkup is an important step in your ongoing care.