Century-old Dental Breakthrough: Floss

Commercial floss was first manufactured from silk in 1882, but what did we do before then? Chances are, lost more teeth.
 Today, we use a Gore-Tex material to floss our teeth. That is, when and if we in fact floss our teeth. The average amount of floss bought per person each year is 18 yards. Unfortunately, figuring one foot per day comes out to 122 yards per year. The math doesn’t even come close to adding up. People are simply not taking advantage of this vital element of preventive dental care that is today so readily available. Only an estimated 28 percent of people say they floss daily.
 If you aren’t flossing because you don’t understand its importance, hear this:
 Flossing reduces the harmful bacteria in your mouth that feeds on food particles and other bacteria to create plaque at your gum line. The acid produced by the bacteria deteriorates tooth enamel and causes cavities. Additionally, volatile sulfur compounds made from the bacteria cause bad breath. Eventually if left un-flossed and hidden between your teeth, bacteria builds up tarter, which can only be removed by your dentist. At this point, you’re looking at gingivitis leading to periodontal disease. Incurable and detrimental to bone structure, this disease leads to more problems, time-consuming procedures, and spending.
 If you are guilty of not flossing correctly, enough, or even at all, weigh the risks you’re exposing yourself to.  Is  the risk of periodontal disease, tooth decay, and tooth loss a fair trade for not flossing? Dr. Jeffrey Allen and our team will examine your mouth at your next checkup to assess your flossing situation. We will address any developing problems we find, and discuss proper flossing techniques with you. As far as oral health priorities, flossing ranks equal to brushing.
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