Mall Kiosks to Whiten Teeth: Do They Work?

Between the clothing and shoe stores at the mall, the center walkway features stand alone, booth-like shops, typically attended  by aggressive salesmen. These little shops without walls are called kiosks. Sometimes they sell sunglasses, jewelry, or ten-minute massages in funny little chairs. You might have noticed a kiosk with dental chairs. People sit in the chairs while a device lights up their mouths in a sort of radioactive-looking bluish glow. There might be a screen nearby advertising an instant teeth whitening product and featuring a beautiful model with a heavenly smile.
This kiosk represents a new wave of whitening methods hitting the market, with a claim of high effectiveness for reasonable prices. Are these claims legitimate? Does it work? More importantly, are mall kiosk an alternative to doctor prescribed teeth whitening products?
Many over-the-counter teeth whitening products are safe and work well. Most assuredly, there are also some that don’t work well. Likewise, the kiosk might or might not improve the shade of your teeth. In making your decision whether or not to trust these mall kiosks with your precious teeth, there are two points to consider.
First, the safest choice is always letting only licensed dentists provide dental treatment. You get one set of permanent teeth from nature. After that, you have to rely on costly, man made teeth. It just makes sense to take great care of your natural teeth. The American Dental Association warns against kiosks that feature teeth whitening by non-dentists. The treatments are not regulated by any dental board, so you could put your oral health at risk.
Over-the-counter whitening systems that you use at home are safe. They’re tested and approved by the FDA. Also, Dr. Allen offers more potent teeth whitening solutions if the over-the-counter systems prove ineffective.  Dentist prescribed whitening systems range in strength, process time, and price. At your consultation, Dr. Allen and our team will explain the systems and help you decide which is the best option for you.
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