Pella Dentist: What’s a Crown and Bridge?

Everyone desires that perfect smile. Across American people rely on cosmetic and restorative dentistry to brighten and repair their smiles. But what if you have a missing tooth? Replacing a missing tooth in a way that looks completely natural is possible and available to patients at Allen Family Dentistry. Pella cosmetic dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Allen, explains how a crown and bridge can replace missing teeth and restore your smile.


Replacing Missing Teeth

When one or more teeth are missing, Dr. Allen may prescribe a crown and bridge to make your smile whole again. Crowns are fitted over the healthy teeth on either side of the missing tooth, and a bridge containing a new tooth sits between them. A crown and bridge is permanent, non-removable, and allows for decades of durable dental restoration. Replacing missing teeth is vital to protecting your smile.
A missing tooth can negatively affect your ability to eat or speak and cause your remaining teeth to move out of proper position. A missing tooth also causes the body to stop supplying that area of the jawbone with necessary doses of calcium and phosphorus. Soon, bone will degenerate, further damaging your oral health.

Placing a Crown and Bridge

Receiving a crown and bridge is usually a two-visit procedure. During the first visit, the teeth on either side of the missing tooth are prepared, with small layers of enamel removed to make room for the custom-made crowns. An impression of your teeth is made so that the replacement tooth and crowns will fit comfortably with your natural bite. Dr. Allen might prescribe a temporary bridge until your crown and bridge is ready.
The second visit involves testing the fit of the new crown and bridge. After Dr. Allen ensures the fit and quality are perfect, your new crown and bridge will be attached with a powerful bonding agent. When you leave our practice, you smile with be beautiful and complete.

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