Pella General Dentist: Keeping a Kissable Mouth

When the weather grows cold, many people look for someone to help keep them warm. Perhaps that warmth might lead to a kiss. This time of year also provides ample opportunities for patients to ask dates to holiday parties and work functions. Before you start asking for dates from everyone in sight, we recommend that you make sure your mouth is indeed kissable. Keeping a kissable could keep your romantic interest coming back for more. Your Pella general dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Allen, discusses how to keep your mouth kissable.

Care for Your Mouth

Basic oral care lays the foundation for a kissable mouth. Follow these directions for maintaining a kissable mouth to ensure breath freshness this holiday season.

  • Flossing can go a long way towards limiting halitosis (bad breath). Flossing actively promotes healthy gum tissue and teeth. Additionally, flossing serves as an effective means of removing odor-causing food particles stuck between teeth. You can also limit your risk of gum disease with regular flossing.
  • Make sure to always brush twice each day for at least two minutes. Don’t neglect a single tooth during brushing. To improve breath, make sure to brush your tongue. The tongue provides a hiding ground for odor-causing bacteria.
  • Mouthwash usage can benefit your health and your kissable mouth. Studies indicate that you can reduce your risk for gum disease or inflammation by up to 60%. Mouthwashes also actively seek out bacteria and aid in washing away excess food particles.
  • Eliminate smoking for your daily routine to promote a healthy mouth. Tobacco use can leave teeth stained or discolored. Additionally, smoking leaves a noticeable stench on users’ breath.
  • Chewing sugar-free gum can aid in stimulating saliva flow. When saliva flow increases, food particles wash away at an increased rate. Most sugar-free gums come in pleasing flavors and varieties, perfect for kissing.

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