Smile Care Questions That Start With “When”  

There are different types of questions that will crop up over the years, when you’re providing smile care for yourself. Sometimes, they’ll begin with the word “what.” For instance, you’ll ask what should I use to brush with or what is happening with my gums? You may end up with “who” questions, “how” questions, and so on and so forth. Today? Our Pella, IA team helps you out with some very common “when” questions, as we offer up answers that can help you feel much better about the way you protect your teeth and gums!

When Should I Come In For Symptoms?

When symptoms affect you in any way, we encourage you to take them seriously. We generally don’t suggest that our patients wait around to see if oral health related symptoms get worse. Instead, the best way to practice your preventive smile care is to quickly respond to changes that you notice with teeth, gums, or any other oral tissues. How to respond, you ask? Well, by giving us a call. Coming in will help. Don’t wait.

When Should I Schedule Restorations?

Let’s say you come in to see our team for a visit. We tell you that you need a restorative smile care treatment to address a certain concern, so you can get your oral health back in good shape again. When should you schedule that dental visit, you wonder? The answer is nearly always right away! The problem isn’t going to stop. However, it might get worse. The sooner you treat it, the sooner you remove all additional potential for damage and you get your smile back in good health.

When Should I Schedule Checkups And Cleanings?

You want to know: When should you schedule a checkup and cleaning for yourself? Should you be seeing us only when it seems like something is wrong? When you feel like it’s been quite a long time? Or, in a consistent manner? Our team will always suggest that you very consistently schedule six-months checkups and cleanings (which, of course, is equivalent to twice a year).

When Should I Brush And Floss?

It seems simple, which is why many patients feel too embarrassed to ask. However, when in doubt about some aspect of your smile care, always ask! If you’re curious about when you should brush and floss, you should always do so twice a day. Brush in the morning and then again at night. Floss in conjunction with one of these brushing sessions daily.

See Us For Any Smile Question

When you have any type of dental care question, need, or uncertainty, keep in mind that our team is always happy to help you. Give us a call, schedule a visit, and come in to receive important care. To learn more, set up an appointment with your dentist by calling Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry in Pella, IA, today at (641) 628-1121.