Gingivitis: Confusion And Clarification!

When it comes down to it, gingivitis isn’t the clearest of oral diseases to figure out. You won’t necessarily simply wake up one morning with a completely obvious sign that you’re dealing with gum disease and that you need to see our Pella, IA team immediately. You may also be somewhat fuzzy on the particulars when it comes to how to fix things once disease begins and just what type of damage you can expect if you decide to take your time in seeking treatment. Get the clarification you really do need on this topic, so you are prepared to keep your smile safe.

Something To Remember About Symptoms

We always encourage patients to take time to think about the fact that you simply cannot wait for symptoms to show you the way. The reason? They won’t always be there to guide you! While it’s true that gum disease, which begins as gingivitis, does carry with it some very particular and well known symptoms, such as puffy gums that may feel uncomfortable, unpleasant breath, gingival tissue that is not its usual pink but instead is a vivid red or purple color, and more … it’s also possible for you to deal with the blossoming of this oral health problem without even one clear sign.

How To Identify Gum Problems Without Symptoms

You may feel a bit defeated and worried. What happens if you have gingivitis but you don’t have any obvious symptoms? What if they do show up but not until well into the progression of this phase of gum disease or after? Here’s what we want you to remember: You cannot always detect the changes. Our team, however, is full of experts who can detect those changes. So, if you’re doing what we always suggest in terms of setting up checkups with us every year, twice a year, which works out to every six months, then you have nothing to worry about! If you don’t see a problem, we will!

Treating Gum Concerns With Us

Don’t forget that whether you come to us due to symptoms of gingivitis or we find it on your behalf, one thing will always be true: We offer the periodontal treatment you need in order to reverse the inflammation, to stop any impending infection, and to return your gingival tissues to their best health! Come in if you think you may require care. Otherwise, significant damage can swiftly affect your smile!

Understand Gingivitis And Seek Treatment

When you think something is wrong with your gum health, remember to contact our team to schedule a dental visit. Should we determine that you have gingivitis, choose treatment for your smile right away! To learn more, schedule an appointment with your dentist by calling Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry in Pella, IA, today at (641) 628-1121.