Q&A: Do I Need A New Tooth?

Why is there an open space in your smile? Did you lose a tooth due to trauma? Did you have a dental extraction performed on a wisdom tooth? Maybe you had one performed on a very diseased tooth or one that was the casualty of periodontal disease. As you have noticed, there is a diverse array of reasons you may have a tooth missing in your grin. So, how to know if if it’s time for a new tooth with the help of a replacement or if you’re free to go about your life without giving the socket a second thought? Give us a brief moment to clear up these common questions.

Questions and Answers

Question: If I had a wisdom tooth removed, does this type of dental extraction warrant replacement? Or, was the removal the end of the problem and now everything is fine?

Answer: If a wisdom tooth was the reason for your extraction, then you are right to assume you’re in good shape and the repairing is done! No replacement is required because third molars are not an important part (or needed part) of your smile.

Question: What if my tooth was taken out because it was very badly hurt or because of an oral health issue that left it too affected to continue on in a healthy manner?

Answer: These types of dental extractions always yield a need for a tooth replacement.

Question: I’m going to have some teeth removed because I have too many for the size of my mouth. To make orthodontic treatment possible, I’ll have dental extractions. Am I right in assuming this means there is absolutely no reason to replace the teeth that are extracted?

Answer: You are correct! When teeth are removed to make more space, replacing them would be counterproductive.

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