Q&A: Dental Checkup Confusion

q&AfabricWhen it comes time to schedule a dental checkup, are you certain that you should contact us? Or, do you experience some trepidation because you aren’t quite sure about when you should be visiting us or when you shouldn’t? Perhaps you have just seen us for an exam but think something has gone wrong with your oral health – should you wait for your next six-month visit or schedule an earlier one? Let us answer your questions.

Questions and Answers: Checkups

Question: Can I call you to schedule a visit if something isn’t normal – even if I just saw you for a dental checkup?

Answer: Of course! Even if we just gave you a clean bill of health but you are worried something has changed since your visit, please contact us to set up an appointment. It is better to be safe and healthy than to allow a problem to flourish.

Question: If I think something is wrong with my gums, should I brush and floss more frequently to see if the problem goes away and then call you if there’s no improvement?

Answer: If you notice a change like a new color, discomfort, bleeding, or otherwise, you should schedule a dental checkup immediately. Do not over-brush or floss, as this may lead to irritation. Even if the issue seems to clear up, it is best to come in for an exam.

Question: Should I contact you for a dental checkup if my tooth hurts? Can I wait a while before coming in for a visit?

Answer: When it comes to a toothache, you may use your own discretion. If it is severe, feel free to call us right away. If it is a mild sensation, you may wish to wait a couple days to see if it goes away. Then, give us a call if it continues.