Breath Protection: Keeping It Fresh Instead Of Bad

One of the things that helps you feel confident when speaking with other people (often in very close proximity) is knowing your breath smells okay. When you’re worried that it doesn’t, it can quickly cause you to feel like shrinking violet. Then, of course, if you know anything about oral health and what bad breath can mean for you, your smile radar may go off, letting you know that something could be wrong. So, where to begin to keep your smile smelling fresh (which lets you know your mouth is doing okay)? Let our Pella, IA team offer up some suggestions for protection that you may (or may not) already be putting in place!

Are You Brushing?

Are you brushing your teeth? Are you doing this the way we recommend that you do this? If you are, then you’re making sure that you brush in the morning and that you do it again in the evening. You use a toothbrush that has soft bristles, you’re gentle, and you make sure that the sessions are about two minutes long. This will offer exceptional protection against bad breath as you remove plaque and other odor-causing debris.

Are You Flossing?

If you are flossing, then you’re finishing out your daily preventive care in addition to your brushing. The flossing gets rid of a surprisingly large percentage of plaque and other particles that make their way between teeth (and just under your gumline). When you rid your smile of them, you offer it some serious protection against bad breath.

Are You Coming To See Us For Care?

Thought that you were doing all that you needed to do at home? You are! Well, as far as your home care is concerned. However, complete prevention that will help you steer clear of bad breath and common hygiene-related diseases means you also focus on professional preventive services that you need. These include your cleanings (for thorough plaque and tartar removal) and your checkups, too.

Do You Have Untreated Problems?

Are you ignoring cavities, infection, or other concerns? They can become smelly, particularly when bacteria are involved. Treat them to safeguard your oral health and to avoid yucky breath.

Protect Your Breath With Our Team’s Easy Tips!

When you’re not sure about how to freshen or protect your breath, you need only to speak with our team about protecting your smile health. To learn more, schedule an appointment with your dentist by calling Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry in Pella, IA, today at (641) 628-1121.