Enjoy Dedicated Professional Support During Prosthetic Work

Modern prosthetic dental work can have an amazing effect on your smile, and your dental functions. Dental implants have made it possible to keep your restoration permanently secure, which can make them more comfortable, and more effective at biting and chewing. Using implants can even prevent problems with jawbone deterioration, a condition that can result after tooth loss occurs. Your dentist can offer dedicated professional support during your prosthetic development and placement. You can enjoy expert guidance as your smile is rebuilt, and you can enjoy the fantastic results of modern prosthetic dentistry.

Overseeing Your Implant Placement And Restoration

Your dentist will provide your initial evaluation when you receive your dental implant, and they can recommend a trusted oral surgeon to insert it. Once you have healed from this procedure, your restoration can be attached. It should be noted that different patients will need different recovery times. While you heal, your jawbone will actually fuse to the implant.

What Kind Of Support Should I Expect From My Prosthetic?

A lifelike dental prosthetic can make your smile appear whole again. This can make you look younger and healthier, and give you more confidence. However, the benefits of prosthetic work are not merely cosmetic. Restoring your smile can also make it easier to bite and chew – an implant-supported prosthetic will be particularly helpful in this regard. An implant will also help you avoid problems with your jawbone. Patients who leave tooth loss unaddressed, or those who have a prosthetic without an implant, can suffer from a deterioration of the bone. This can lead to a negative impact on your oral heath, and cause your face to take on a sunken appearance.

Talk To Allen And Neumann Family Dentistry About Receiving Prosthetic Support

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