Pain And Inflammation Questions

When you think about damage or problems with your oral health, two common symptoms that come up are pain and inflammation. However, even though you recognize these symptoms can be a sign of serious issues associated with your teeth and gums, you may not know how to respond to them. Is it sometimes normal to experience uncomfortable care? Is it always normal? Perhaps it’s never normal. We can sort out the answers for you, so you have a much better understanding of how both home and professional care should feel (and what to do if you notice a problem).

Questions and Answers

Question: Will dental care hurt when I come to see you?

Answer: No. Your care with our team should be relaxing and comfortable. Why is this? Well, we really want you to care for your smile and to enjoy your dental care. We also care about our patients. As a result, we do all that we can to promote comfort during every step of your visits.

Question: Is it normal for me to hurt when I’m practicing my own dental care at home? Should brushing my teeth or flossing them feel at all uncomfortable or is this a sign that something isn’t going well with my oral health?

Answer: You should never ever experience pain or inflammation as a result of your dental hygiene. If this happens, alert us by scheduling a visit, so we may examine your oral health.

Question: What should I think of inflammation? Should I contact you if my gums seem puffy or if I notice any other type of swelling or is this usually just a minor issue?

Answer: You should most definitely contact us. Inflammation is usually a sign of an issue like injury or infection, so we would prefer to check on the issue.

Contact Us When You Notice Changes

If you notice that something doesn’t feel right, hurts, or is swollen, call us right away, so we may check up on your smile. To learn more, schedule an appointment with your dentist by calling Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry in Pella, IA, today at (641) 628-1121.