Wisdom Teeth: Should They Stay Or Go?

You may not know very much about your wisdom teeth, which can make the following question you ask yourself that much more confusing: Do I need wisdom teeth removal or not? What you will find is that this depends wholly on your unique smile, your oral health, your needs, and your preferences. Ready for a bit of helpful clarity? We’ve got it!

They Should Go If They Present Risk

First, let’s talk about when you definitely need wisdom teeth removal. If your third molars (another term for wisdom teeth) are presenting a risk for your oral health in general, then it’s most certainly time for them to go. This may be because they are impacted, growing in at an angle that can damage nearby teeth, etc.

They Should Go If You Don’t Want To Chance It

Perhaps your teeth seem like they will show up just fine. Maybe they are already in and are not causing an immediate threat. However, they’re difficult to brush and floss. They are also at high risk for decay, should you have trouble caring for them. If you think your daily care may be too challenging, then you may choose wisdom teeth removal (which we will fully support!).

They Should Stay If They’re Fine (And You Want Them)

Do you have fully developed wisdom teeth that you can easily care for? If this is the case and you have no hesitation about keeping them healthy with ease, then you may go ahead and skip wisdom teeth removal for the time being.

Schedule A Wisdom Tooth Consultation Today

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