The Extractions That You Didn’t See Coming!

There are dental extractions you expect. You know that they are coming (or at least have a sneaking suspicion) because you end up with a very badly diseased or damaged tooth. However, there are other instances in which you really need the removal of a permanent tooth but not as the result of damage, poor dental hygiene, etc. Curious about what they might be? Let our Pella, IA team offer you some additional information about common instances in which saying goodbye to a tooth or two may absolutely be to the advantage of your smile and your oral health!

Your Smile Has What We Call “Overcrowding”

You might have overcrowding. If your teeth seem crowded, too packed into your smile, and some teeth rest over their neighbors (even ever so slightly) instead of flush and side-by-side, this is overcrowding. It is when your smile isn’t “straight” and aligned because you just don’t have the room! When you consider Invisalign with us or begin working with an orthodontist, you might find that in order to proceed, you first need to free up some room with dental extractions. This is very common and will help you reach your goals.

It Turns Out, Your Wisdom Teeth Are Difficult

Perhaps you met with our team about your wisdom teeth. Since they were growing in without any problems, you elected to keep them and to do your best to care for them! Perhaps you’ve had them for some time and figured you’d just keep up your dental hygiene as usual and that all would be just fine. However, over time, you have realized that keeping them clean and healthy is actually much more challenging than you’d initially expected. Not to worry: You may always elect to have these teeth removed! Talk with us about dental extractions, so we may help you get back to prevention that works for you.

You Thought You Just Didn’t Have Any Wisdom Teeth

Guess what? Sometimes, a lack of wisdom teeth doesn’t mean there aren’t any (even though sometimes this is exactly what this means). In some instances, it means they are impacted (or have not grown and erupted through your gum tissue). We will detect them through digital imaging and will suggest dental extractions for them. Impaction is dangerous, so to protect your oral health, removing these third molars is important.

Find Out More Regarding Tooth Removal

Learn more from our team about why extractions are often extremely advantageous to you, even when you don’t expect them! To learn more, schedule an appointment with your dentist by calling Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry in Pella, IA, today at (641) 628-1121.