Dental Extraction: The Stuff You’re Dying To Ask

When you find out that a dental extraction is the best solution for your oral health, you might cringe for a moment. Of course, you’re happy to solve the problem with the necessary treatment, so your smile is healthy again. However, when you’ve got questions for which you have no answers and you really want answers, it can make it difficult to feel optimistic about your care. Not a problem. Let’s get going with a Q&A session (and remember to ask anything remaining when we see you next).

Questions and Answers

Question: Why didn’t my friend need a dental extraction even though she had the same problem as me?

Answer: Every patient and set of circumstances is unique. For instance, one person may have a mild infection that they detect early and that we can treat with a root canal, while another has a severe infection that requires tooth removal.

Question: Is a dental extraction going to leave me with a smile that I’m embarrassed for people to see for the rest of my life?

Answer: The good news is that we suggest that you consider an extraction the first part of your restorative care. Once we have removed the tooth that’s causing your problem and eradicated disease like decay or infection, we can then replace your tooth. Our replacements are beautiful and you may choose from a comprehensive selection of options, including dentures, bridges, and implants.

Question: Is a dental extraction always the result of a tooth that’s become very infected?

Answer: This is one reason to remove a tooth but there are many more! Some reasons include removal for orthodontic care, removal of wisdom teeth, removal of a severely cracked tooth, and more!

Protect Your Smile With Tooth Removal

When a tooth is putting your oral health at risk, come in for the dental extraction you need to save it! To learn more, schedule an appointment with your dentist by calling Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry in Pella, IA, today at (641) 628-1121.