Root Canal? Don't Fear Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Don't Fear Root Canal TherapyDo you hear the phrase “root canal” and recoil in fear? Don’t! There’s no need to cringe at the anticipation of a painful procedure, as is often implied in popular culture, because root canal therapy is nothing to be scared of, and it’s not painful. Thanks to modern dentistry practices, you won’t feel pain or unbearable discomfort when undergoing a root canal treatment. In fact, the procedure could save your tooth, relieve your tooth and gum aches, and restore the health of your mouth!

Root Canal vs. Root Canal Therapy

What is a root canal, anyway? “Root canal” is the term casually used to reference a root canal treatment. Also called root canal therapy, the procedure is a restorative dentistry treatment that removes infection from inside your tooth to save your tooth from necessary extraction. Your “root canal” is actually just a part of your tooth’s anatomy. A root canal is the pulp-filled cavity in the root of your tooth. When your tooth becomes infected, the infection can spread to the root canal, which means the health of the tooth is at serious risk. If left untreated, you would likely need a tooth extraction. Root canal therapy saves your tooth and restores the health of your tooth.

Does a Root Canal Hurt?

No, you will not be in pain during your root canal therapy. Your dentist will utilize numbing agents or sedation while performing your treatment, so you remain comfortable.

Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy clears the infection that has compromised the health and wellness of your tooth. By removing the infection, your tooth becomes healthy again. You can save your tooth and avoid extraction.

What Happens if You Skip Root Canal Therapy?

If you delay or skip treatment, the problem only worsens. The infection can spread to your gums and jawbone, which leads to serious health concerns. Also, if you delay root canal therapy, it becomes less likely you can save your tooth, so you may have to undergo extraction. You will then have a missing tooth and need to assess your options to replace it, such as dental implants.

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