Simple Smile Tools You’ve Forgotten About

As you get older, it’s easy to forget about those very basic details you started with as a child that helped guide you through successful dental care at home. Instead, you may find yourself a bit more drawn to the flashy, fancy, and advanced products and approaches to dental hygiene that you can find out there. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, burned out, or just want to get back to basics, we can help. You’ll be pleased to learn that when you stick with the essentials, it’s very simple to keep your smile clean and healthy!

Use A Care Calendar

Yes, you may immediately think to yourself, “But a progress calendar is for kids!” Actually, while this one may look like it’s for kids, it can prove extremely helpful! Whether use rely on a cute one with tips or simply create your own more adult-looking system, remember that tracking daily brushing and flossing can make keeping up with your dental hygiene and other dental care details so easy! There’s no question about whether you’re accomplishing what you need to do (and it’s the easiest reminder if you hang it on the wall).

Alcohol-Free Fluoride Mouthwash

Now, do you remember using fluoridated mouthwash as a kid? It was to help protect your smile from cavities, of course. The good news is that it’s not just for kids. Whether you want to protect yourself against decay, teeth sensitivity, or even dry mouth, choosing an alcohol-free fluoride rinse that you use after your nightly dental care routine can be extremely beneficial! (Remember, it must be alcohol-free to prevent drying out oral tissues). Need help selecting one? Just ask us!

Return To Essential Care With Our Tips

If you need help getting your smile care and oral health back on track, we can most certainly offer helpful suggestions. To learn more, schedule an appointment with your dentist by calling Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry in Pella, IA, today at (641) 628-1121.