Smile Sensitivity: 4 Essential Next Steps

It doesn’t sound too terrible when you’re just talking about it but when you are actually the one experiencing smile sensitivity, it’s quite a big deal! Even one little area that’s feeling extra sensitive can send your nerves into a tailspin, as you feel zings that cause you to wince. Rather than try to convince yourself you should just live with this unwelcome discomfort, our Pella, IA team instead encourages you to talk with our team as soon as you can (while you make some other immediate changes for quick relief).

#1: Skip Extremes In Temperature For Now

When your smile is already feeling quite sensitive, something you probably don’t want to deal with is any unexpected zing that makes your smile feel even worse. Do yourself a favor until you have resolved the issue: Be kind to your grin by deciding to avoid extremes in temperature. Remember that a sensitive smile will often respond poorly to items that are very hot or very cold. Keep foods and beverages closer to room temperature to promote a comfortable smile for the time being.

#2: Avoid Super-Sweet And Super-Spicy

Again, when you think about extremes, remember that they’re not ideal for sensitive teeth or gums. If your smile is sensitive in general but you aren’t sure what the problem is, don’t forget to simply be careful with extremely spicy foods that can irritate your soft tissues, as well as extremely sweet foods that may feel uncomfortable to bite into. Not to worry: Your smile will be better soon if you come in to see us!

#3: Be Very Gentle (And Add Sensitivity Toothpaste)

It’s going to be a wise decision on your part to be extremely gentle with your sensitive smile now and also into the future. Did you know that you should never practice aggressive or forceful care? In fact, brushing and flossing gently and ensuring you’re using a toothpaste that is free of abrasive ingredients will always be to your benefit. For now, remember that you may also wish to include sensitivity toothpaste in your dental hygiene routine for added relief.

#4: Set Up A Checkup Right Away

Since you need a professional diagnosis and potentially professional treatment, we offer you this simple suggestion: Come in to see us for a dental checkup, so we may tell you what’s wrong and how to feel better soon!

Address Your Smile Sensitivity Today

Don’t wait if you recognize that your smile is feeling sensitive in any way, whether it’s your teeth, your gums, or other tissues. Remember that scheduling a visit with us will provide you with answers and solutions. To learn more, schedule an appointment with your dentist by calling Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry in Pella, IA, today at (641) 628-1121.