TMJ Treatment: Working For, Not Against It

When you take the time to come in to see us about your TMJ disorder and then receive TMJ treatment, you are doing exactly what we suggest of our patients. Choosing care for your jaw joints is always the smartest choice because preventing damage (that can easily happen in the future and for which you are seeing signs) is absolutely possible. It’s easier than trying to fix injury once it’s occurred, as well. So, what more should you be doing? Is it possible that while you’re receiving treatment, you’re doing things to sabotage it unintentionally? Consider some important details, so you know you’re doing your best.

Use It As Directed

Before we get into any details that aren’t directly about your TMJ treatment, let’s talk about the treatment itself. Remember that if you want it to work for you and your jaw health, you’ve got to use it as directed. If we say that you should wear your oral appliance every single night, then don’t skip a night. Instead, follow our suggestions exactly, so you know you’re doing all that you can.

Don’t Push Your TMJs Too Hard

Now, during the day when you don’t have your TMJ treatment in, you can support the treatment by ensuring you’re not pushing your jaw joints too hard. This means that you shouldn’t ask them to exert more than gentle force. When you are using your smile with all of your might to chew, break food apart, carry things, etc., you’re pushing too hard and can end up causing jaw joint damage.

Don’t Overwork Your TMJs Either

Don’t move your jaw joints too much! Translation: Don’t chew gum, bite nails, etc. if you’d like your TMJ treatment to work its best.

Make TMJ Treatment Work For You ASAP

Ensure you’re receiving TMJ treatment and that you’re helping it work for you when you visit us for jaw health protection! To learn more, schedule an appointment with your dentist by calling Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry in Pella, IA, today at (641) 628-1121.