Additional Protection For Younger Smiles

Little smiling girl with red curly hair sitting on chair and looking at camera, while holding x-ray scan image of her teeth on digital tablet together with her cheerful black female dentist at clinic.Taking care of your smile can become much more involved than previously expected. After all, the list of factors impacting your health far exceeds the list of positive influencers, and as such, your preventive dental routine must be well-equipped to take on these threats. Indeed, the earlier one starts the better, and encouraging proper care as a child can lead to a lifetime of excellent health. In today’s blog, your Pella, IA dentist discusses the importance of protecting tiny grins, and how your dentist can provide additional preventive treatment to boost your little one’s strength.

Oral Health and Developing Smiles

From the moment that the first tooth arrives and well on into adulthood, bacteria, decay, infection, and a myriad of other threats are actively trying to compromise your healthy smile. What’s more, developing grins need just as much care as adult teeth, if not more. After all, they suffer the disadvantage of growing, meaning that structures are not as well-established and used to fending off so many threats.

When taking this into account, it makes sense to start preventive care as soon as possible. In fact, we encourage you to bring your child in at the sign of their first tooth, then once every six months starting at about the age of three. This is to help monitor structural development and health, as well as provide additional treatment as needed. Your child’s checkup and cleaning will consist of a thorough examination to identify signs of threat or potential threat. We will take care to provide a gentle cleaning as well to periodically remove plaque deposits. For more information about this process, reach out to our team today.

When They Need a Helping Hand

As you attend your little one’s checkups, make sure to inquire about additional treatment for added protection against outside harm. For instance, a fluoride treatment can help strengthen developing enamel, while a dental sealant can protect the back molars from oral bacteria that nest in their crevices and lead to cavities. Sometimes smaller grins need a helping hand, and our team is ready to help how we can.

Practicing Excellent Habits

In addition to in-office care, it is very important to teach excellent preventive care habits at home as well. This includes learning how to properly brush in order to rid plaque deposits, as well as brushing at least twice a day. What’s more, periodontal care matters as well, and encouraging flossing after every meal sooner rather than later can make all of the difference.

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