Questions About Kids And Dental Care! 

When one of your major life responsibilities is taking care of the oral health and smile development of your child … it’s a task that can either weigh on you and cause you some stress or that you can feel wonderful about and with which you can develop serious confidence. How to attain the latter, you wonder? Well, our Pella, IA team wishes to remind you that when it comes to kids’ dental care, the easiest and most successful way to ensure you’re on track is to remember to bring kids in for care with us and to ask us questions. Now, for an intro into just how helpful a Q&A session with us can become…

When Should Dental Care Begin?

Remember that you should begin providing your child with dental care right away. Have questions about how to clean your baby’s or your little one’s smile? We can help! As for when we encourage you to begin with professional dental care, remember that it’s a good to schedule your child’s first dental checkup and cleaning near the age of one. Don’t worry: This first visit will not overwhelm your child! It’s more of a helpful introduction, so we can become familiar with one another and so your child can become familiar with a dental practice!

How Frequently Should Kiddos Have Visits?

Just like Mom and Dad, kiddos should be coming in for dental care once every six months. Remember that when you zoom out, that equals twice a year. You may wonder why you have to bring your children in at all, since they have baby teeth that will eventually fall out. The answer is: Professional care is important for baby teeth because they act as little leaders for permanent teeth below (damaged baby teeth can result in damaged permanent teeth). The development of your child’s smile is also something we may monitor and guide for optimal growth! Of course, we will also let you know if your child requires additional visit for things like sealants.

Should My Kids Use The Same Dental Hygiene Products I Do?

We remind you that your child’s dental care should, indeed, look very similar to your own. However, we remind you that it’s also very important to ensure that your child is using the following:

  • A child’s toothbrush for his or her age group, rather than an adult brush (unless your child is a teenager)
  • Fluoridated toothpaste
  • A flavor and texture your child enjoys, so that it is not too strong for comfortable use and so that it helps kids develop a positive outlook toward dental hygiene!

Get Your Kids On Track With Smile Care

Remember to follow through with ensuring your children are caring for their teeth and gums at home through daily dental hygiene and schedule dental checkups and cleanings with us twice annually. To learn more, schedule an appointment with your dentist by calling Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry in Pella, IA, today at (641) 628-1121.