Fluoride: Shoulds And Shouldn’ts For Your Dental Care

You might have some uncertainty regarding dental care and fluoride use. You know that when we talk with you about the toothpaste and other products you use for effective dental hygiene, one of the items mentioned is toothpaste with fluoride as an ingredient. However, that doesn’t mean your mind isn’t occasionally swirling with related questions that cause you to sometimes feel unsure about this decision. Is fluoride really all it’s cracked up to be and what about those things you hear that make you think it’s a hazard? Let us answer these worries. Our Pella, IA team is happy to steer you back in the right direction with your hygiene.

You Shouldn’t: Use As Much Toothpaste As You Can

You shouldn’t pile the fluoridated toothpaste onto your toothbrush in hopes that the more you use, the more powerful your dental care becomes. Remember that when you’re caring for your smile through dental hygiene, this is a time to take directions and measurements seriously for best results.

You Should: Use A Pea-Size Amount Of Fluoridated Paste

You should use a pea-size dab of toothpaste containing fluoride! Remember that using the right amount is crucial if you’re doing your best to provide yourself with the dental care that will guide you toward all of the usual goals (keeping your smile clean, avoiding cavities, avoiding gum disease, etc.).

You Shouldn’t: Worry If You Swallow A Tiny Bit Of It

If you or your child swallows a little toothpaste containing fluoride (as in, the amount you use to brush your teeth), don’t worry. You’ll be just fine and probably won’t even notice a thing. A little bit of toothpaste or mouth rinse isn’t anything to fret over (though, of course, we suggest you spit it out during your dental care sessions).

You Should: Take Action If Your Child Eats Lots Of Toothpaste

Our team reminds you that fluoride can become problematic only in very large amounts. So, if you discover your child has eaten half of a tube of toothpaste, go ahead and call your doctor, head to the emergency room, or call a poison control center. Don’t worry, too much fluoride from consuming dental hygiene products tends to cause gastrointestinal problems. Simply make sure to take action (and remember to keep such products out of reach of children).

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