Family Resolutions for Brighter Smiles

family-resolutions-for-brighter-smilesIt’s the end-of-year countdown, and that means New Year’s Resolutions are on the horizon. Are you one of the up to 90% of people who make resolutions, but don’t keep them past the first few weeks? Studies show that broken resolutions are often too large, or not specific enough. Another reason for resolution failure is that no one is holding you accountable. If you want to try family resolutions for a brighter smile, our dedicated staff can help you with your family dental health throughout the year!

Resolve to Serve Healthy Snacks

This is a bite-sized resolution for the family. Look for snacks that are crisp and not too sweet. Think cheese sticks, crunchy apple slices or crisp broccoli with a dip. For good teeth, avoid sweet, sticky snacks such as fruit leather and gummi candies, which can stick to teeth.

Find Family Toothbrush Time

Model good brushing behavior with your family. Aim for about two minutes of brushing, at least twice a day. Play part of a favorite song or sing along while your child brushes. Floss regularly, and show your child how to floss as well. If you have toothbrush questions, or if you need fabulous flossing tips, we are happy to demonstrate at any preventive checkup or cleaning appointment.

Don’t Foster Dental Fears

A dentist appointment may not be the highlight of your week (although we hope it might be!) but don’t let nervousness transfer to your child. Our office is child-friendly, and our caring dental hygienists are experiences in putting children at ease. Speak positively about upcoming dental visits. Your children will take their cues from you. We want your whole family to feel comfortable at every appointment.