Can Your Smile Be Cleaned without a Drill?

Can You Clean Your Smile without a Drill?Are you worried about seeing the dentist, because you know that your teeth are in need of a deep dental cleaning? Many people postpone preventive care, like cleanings, for fear of the “drill.” Fortunately, modern preventive dentistry has made it possible to properly clean teeth, often without the need for invasive measures like a dental drill. Air abrasion is one example of an effective, less invasive technique for deep cleaning. It can also help to address a host of other issues, from cosmetic to restorative, as well.

What Does Air Abrasion Involve?

If you worry that your next dental cleaning will require extensive use of the drill, in order to properly clean your teeth, it is time to speak with your dentist about how air abrasion could provide a less invasive alternative, one that does not generally require anesthesia, of any kind, because it is designed to be comfortable and effective.
Air abrasion works by using a high speed stream of particles, generally comprised of silica, aluminum oxide, or a mixture of baking soda, to help clean the teeth’s surface through abrasion, as the name implies.
This process can also be used to help prepare a tooth for a restoration like a dental filling, and even to remove old composite restorations, if necessary. Air abrasion can sometimes be used to address cosmetic concerns, as well, by helping to remove stains and discoloration.
So, if you have been postponing dental treatment, you might wish to speak with your dentist about whether air abrasion would be a viable and favorable treatment option.