Set Up Your Filling Today For These Reasons

When you see us, you learn you need a dental filling, and then you go home, there are many ways life can unfold from there in regard to your oral health. You might take care of matters instantly, calling us up to schedule your restorative visit, then coming in for the treatment. You might wait a few weeks. You might wait several months. You might even decide to pretend you never even heard us say the word “cavity,” as you go back to life as usual (just without dental care). From our Pella, IA team’s perspective, the first of those options, in which you schedule your appointment immediately, is the wisest. Find out why!

Your Cavity Isn’t Getting Any Smaller

You might think that your cavity can go away or get smaller if you brush better. This won’t happen. Unfortunately, something else that won’t happen? Your cavity won’t remain frozen in time, the same size that it is when you see us. Its level of severity or seriousness won’t remain as it is either. What will happen is that it’s going to grow and worsen if you don’t come in to take care of it with a dental filling. This, of course, is a very compelling reason to go ahead and take care of it as soon as you can.

The Filling Completely Stops The Problem

Did we mention that seeing us for a dental filling literally just stops the tooth decay from being and oral health problem for you? Here’s why: A filling isn’t only about replacing the tissue that’s lost, so there’s no more hole in your tooth. It begins with the thorough removal of the decayed tissue and bacteria that have caused the decay. Then we fill the opening. As a result, the disease is removed and the damage is patched up and your tooth is your healthy, whole tooth again!

You’ll Get Your Oral Health And Appearance Back

We want you to consider the fact that when you come in for a dental filling, the material will match your tooth. As mentioned, your tooth will no longer be unhealthy. So, like all other restorative treatments, this will restore your smile health (or bring it back to what it was before your cavity). As a result, you won’t have to worry about your tooth or the way your smile looks anymore!

Schedule Your Filling ASAP

When it’s time for a dental filling to save your tooth from the destructive effects of tooth decay and the consequences that can come with it, we always suggest setting up your visit as soon as possible. To learn more, schedule an appointment with your dentist by calling Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry in Pella, IA, today at (641) 628-1121.