What Do Your Teeth Have To Do With Digestion?

healthyteethWithout strong, healthy teeth you cannot eat a variety of foods to keep your body healthy. You chew with your teeth, but the act of chewing also triggers your saliva production and saliva aids your digestion. A variety of different foods provide a variety of vitamins and minerals that keep your body healthy. You need healthy teeth to masticate hard, tough, crunchy foods. Some of the healthiest foods such as broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, seeds, and nuts are hard and crunchy. Read on to find out what your teeth have to do with digestion.

The Purpose of Your Teeth

Your teeth are specifically for chewing. Some of your teeth have been designed for tearing, others to cut, others to grind. For instance, your flat teeth in the front of your mouth (called the incisors), are used to cut or snip pieces of food. Your canines, (the sharp eye teeth, or ‘vampire’ teeth) are used to rip, tear, and grasp. Your front molars have a flat chewing surface to crush food, and your back molars are designed with the sharp points, or cusps, for grinding, crushing, and chewing.
The reason your teeth are specially designed is so they can masticate your food into tiny pieces so it is easier to digest. As your teeth are chewing you are producing saliva which moistens your food making it easier to chew and swallow. Your saliva also contains enzymes that begin breaking the food down making it easier to digest once it reaches your stomach.

Healthy Teeth

Healthy teeth are important for your overall health. Without healthy teeth you cannot eat healthy foods. With decayed or missing teeth you will not be able to eat crisp fruits and vegetables, or to chew meat, which is an important source of protein.

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