Is It Time for a Smile Update? Consider a Modern Dental Prostheses

Restore Your Smile with a Modern ProsthesesAre you tired of looking in the mirror and seeing ill-fitting or obvious dental work, that is neither attractive when smiling or comfortable during meals? Do you wish you could enjoy increased confidence, and comfort, when it comes to your smile? If so, have you considered how a modern dental prostheses could update your smile and improve your overall oral health? From dental bridges to dental implants, isn’t it time to talk with your dentist about what could be done to improve your smile’s function and its form?

Dental Bridges Provide Added Support

While dentures remain a popular way to address tooth loss, many patients are unhappy with how they can shift during chewing. Fortunately, dental bridges offer a much more stable alternative to dentures held only temporarily in place using denture adhesives.
Yes, bridges utilize dental crowns affixed to remaining teeth, in order to help hold a prostheses firmly in place. This allows for added confidence while chewing, and cosmetic benefits, thanks to the natural-look of porcelain crowns.

Implants Help to Replace a Tooth and Its Root

Dental implants are an even more stable way to complete the smile after tooth loss. That is because they are the only prostheses which rely on a titanium post surgically inserted into the jaw, in order to hold a replacement tooth firmly in place.
This post helps supply nutrients to the jaw, while also keeping the prostheses secure, adding to the benefits of choosing an implant to complete one’s smile.