What Is Air Abrasion and Could It Help Your Smile?

What Is Air Abrasion?Have you ever wondered if there is a better or at least less invasive way to clean the smile, than with the drill often used in dental cleanings? Does dental anxiety make it difficult for you to see the dentist, even for routine checkups and cleanings, much less restorative treatment? If so, have you heard of air abrasion, a way of cleaning teeth and preparing them for restorations, without the use of a traditional drill? For many patients, this technique proves far less intimidating, which is perfect for patients hoping to overcome varying degrees of dental anxiety.

How Does Air Abrasion Work?

Air abrasion helps to remove bacteria and decay from a tooth, by using a powerful air stream that is filled with tiny particles, either silica, aluminum oxide or a baking soda mixture, all of which help to clean the teeth.
In many cases, this powerful force can eliminate the need for a dental drill to be used during a cleaning, which is great news for those who are frightened by the sound of that machine.
Air abrasion can actually be used in a variety of instances. For instance, it can be used to help prepare teeth prior to a tooth-colored filling. It can also be used to help repair cracked or deeply discolored teeth, by preparing the surface for a cosmetic bonding procedure.
Since it is versatile, skilled dentists can now use air abrasion to help prepare teeth before restorative treatment and cosmetic procedures, including preparing teeth for sealants, crowns or dental bridges, as well as cosmetic bonding.