Cause And Effect: Preventive Overdose

causeeffectstreetsignIt is obviously impossible to overdose on your preventive care habits – keeping your smile extremely clean and healthy will always help you avoid common problems like functional disorders (bruxism or TMJ disorder) and hygiene-related issues (like cavities). However, if you begin feeling too intense about prevention, it’s possible to do some harm with all of that good. Do yourself a favor and consider the cause and effect of excessive preventive efforts (so you can ensure you’re doing just enough, while keeping your smile healthy and safe).

Cause Of Too Much Prevention

What we mean when we talk about excessive efforts in preventive care is the feeling that you are never getting your smile clean enough, which can translate into excessive cleaning or concern about your smile or the products you use. The cause of this feeling can come from hearing rumors from friends about things you should be doing, worrying about bacteria, or feeling nervous about restorative care. Let us help calm your concerns with the following:

  • Remember that as long as you stick to our suggestions for brushing and flossing at home, the products you choose, seeing us for visits, and more, there’s nothing more you need to do
  • Keep in mind that your friends may unintentionally be spreading rumors – not factual information
  • Remember that we offer compassionate, comfortable restorations – if you need one, we will do everything we can to ensure you have a wonderful experience

Effects Of Excessive Prevention

First, if your preventive care habits include too much force or too-long sessions, you can end up with damaged gum tissue and sensitive teeth. If you worry about bacteria, you will be fighting a losing battle because they are everywhere! As long as you brush, floss, and let your toothbrush air out, you’ll be doing a great job with removing the “bad” bacteria. Adhere to the basics and you’ll be pleased with the results.