Summer Suggestions For A Stunning Smile

sunoceanHere comes the sun and all of the exciting benefits that come with summer! While we are equally excited about all that the warmer weather brings, we are also (of course) ready with some suggestions to make sure your oral health makes it through the rising temperatures without negative consequences. Ready to make the most of summer while keeping your smile safe as can be? Consider some helpful advice.

Skip The Stain Makers

Are you finding deeply or vibrantly hued beverages and snacks are offered at every turn? From brightly colored popsicles to iced coffee and sangria, you may be faced with some delicious treats that aren’t so great for the shade of your smile (or your oral health). Remember that serious pigments will lead to tooth stains and anything packed with sugar promotes decay. For those moments that you choose to partake in these fun foods, just rinse with water afterwards and then brush within about 30 minutes.

Don’t Get (Too) Lost In The Fun

It’s important to relax and have a nice time – it is even good for your oral health (remember that too much stress can lead to issues like bruxism and TMJ disorder). However, it’s not great if you get so lost in the fun that you shirk your dental duties. Remember to make daily dental hygiene a priority and don’t forget about your six-month dental visits with our team.

Remember That SPF!

Yes, sunscreen is important for your body but don’t forget that your face needs protection, too – even your lips! You may wish to choose a sunscreen formulated for your delicate facial skin and also purchase a lip balm with SPF. This will help ward off the negative effects of the sun (which can include lip cancer).