How Root Canal Treatment Could Save Your Tooth

Treating for most dental health concerns depends on the severity of the problem that needs to be addressed. This is especially true for tooth decay, which is the most frequent chronic oral health problem to occur. Tooth decay describes an infection in your tooth structure that grows progressively worse over time, and the best treatment for it depends on how severe it has become. In severe cases of tooth decay, root canal treatment may be the more effective solution. Not only is the threat to your tooth more severe and the discomfort more intense, but the decay may also be close to causing the tooth to be lost.

The danger to your tooth

Tooth decay seems like a minor problem when it first develops. For many people, it can be treated conservatively by cleaning and filling the cavity that has formed in the tooth. However, tooth decay is only minor in its early stages. As the infection in your tooth progresses, it erodes more of your tooth’s natural structure, making it less structurally sound and threatening the tooth’s health and integrity. The dangers of severe tooth decay are much more serious, as the infection has reached the nerves and blood vessels inside of the tooth’s chambers.

The point of root canal treatment

Your tooth’s inner chambers consist of the pulp that contain its nerves and blood vessels, and the root canal that carries these tissues to your jawbone structure. When these chambers and tissues become infected by severe tooth decay, the infection can lead to more intense discomfort and a greater threat to the tooth’s overall health and integrity. Root canal treatment involves removing the infected tissues and blood vessels from within the interior chambers of your tooth, which removes the threat that internal tooth infection can lead to. When performed promptly, root canal treatment can save the tooth from being lost or requiring extraction due to an extreme case of infection.

Saving the future of your tooth

The more of your tooth’s structure and/or tissues are infected, the more your treatment will have to remove from your tooth in order to save its remaining healthy structure. While this can save the tooth from the infection, it can also leave the remaining structure weaker and less able to withstand your bite’s pressure. Because of this, we may suggest placing a dental crown over a tooth that receives root canal treatment to offer better protection and restore the tooth’s ability to function properly.

Learn more about root canal treatment

The danger of severe tooth infection is serious, and root canal treatment could be the only way to save your tooth from it. To learn more, schedule an appointment by calling Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry in Pella, IA, today at (641) 628-1121.