Would Your Smile Look Better with Professional Whitening?

Could Teeth Whitening Help You?Who doesn’t want a bright, white smile? A shining smile can help tell the world that you take great care of yourself, without you having to say a single word. A beautiful smile is also a wonderful way to make both a great first impression, and a lasting impact on the people you encounter! But if your smile is currently looking worse-for-wear, you may be wondering what can be done to rejuvenate and revitalize your once beautiful smile. If you have grown insecure because of staining or discoloration of your teeth, consider the ways a cosmetic dentist could help make your smile shine, once again!

Why Do Teeth Stain in the First Place?

When talking about how to lighten teeth, it can first be helpful to understand what causes them to look discolored in the first place. That is because the teeth’s enamel is strong, but porous, which means that over time the foods and drinks you enjoy could begin to stain the surface of your teeth. Certain beverages are particularly hard on your teeth’s enamel, which can lead to more pronounced stains, often much quicker than for people who drink primarily water. Soda, sweetened teas, coffee, and other highly acidic drinks can be particularly troublesome for your smile.

Fortunately, stains do not have to get the last word, where your smile is concerned. If you want to lighten teeth by multiple shades, professional treatment is usually the most effective solution! In fact, in many cases, professional treatment can help lighten teeth by more than eight shades within a few weeks’ time!