Dentist-Approved and Smile-Friendly Summer Treats

Healthier Summer Treats for the Whole FamilyDo you feel like your kids are going stir-crazy, now that they are home for summer break? Have you already resorted to more trips to the ice cream shop than you care to admit, in an effort to keep them entertained but also to help beat the heat? If so, it is time to consider some smile-friendly and dentist-approved summertime treats. These healthier alternatives to traditional sweets can help the whole family cool off, without causing potential problems for your beautiful smiles!

What Are Some Healthier Options for Treats?

If you or your kids are huge fans of ice cream, why not opt for a similarly milky treat without so much sugar? Making homemade smoothies out of simple ingredients, like milk (or a milk alternative like coconut or almond milk) and fresh or frozen fruit, can create a treat sure to satisfy most any sweet tooth, but without the crazy high amounts of added sugar found in most ice creams and especially milkshakes. Remember, excess sugar can be responsible for a host of health problems, including dental cavities. So if you want to protect your smile, try to limit how much sugar you and your kids are consuming on a regular basis. While the occasional treat is okay, sugar should not be a large part of your diet.

Of course, you can also enjoy fresh fruit served even simpler, as in straight from the fridge. Cut melons into shape, mix pieces on skewers, or create your own fruit bowls for added flavor and a healthy dose of fun!