When Dental Fillings Can Be Shade-Matched

Dentist doing dental filling tooth in dentist officeIt goes without saying that dental decay is among the most common oral health issues out there, affecting millions of people every year. What’s more? It exists on a spectrum, meaning there are varying degrees of the concern that only get worse the longer it goes on. Because of this, our team encourages you to be proactive about your oral health care by scheduling a visit with our team to treat the issue sooner rather than later. In today’s blog, your Pella, IA Dentist explains how dental fillings can reinforce a tooth that has experienced the effects of a cavity, as well as how your new restorations can be shade-matched to your smile.

Stopping Decay Early

Many individuals experience the effects of tooth decay at least once in their entire lives, whether in the form of a minor cavity or through major compromission. Indeed, it is a common issue, but that does not mean it is one that should be taken lightly.

The process begins when oral bacteria nestle in the crevices of the mouth and feed off of the food and sugars we consume. When they do this, it causes them to produce a harmful or destructive acid that actively breaks down a tooth’s natural structure.

The effects of infection can be observed through the formation of a small hole known as a cavity. Over time, this cavity will continue to get larger and deeper, working its way into the inner workings of a tooth. At this stage, your inner dental pulp and nerves are affected, causing significant bursts of sharp pain, sensitivity, and difficulty chewing. If it progresses much more past this, you will likely face a dental extraction. To learn more about this process, reach out to our team today.

No Need for Metal

When treating decay early, your dentist will likely recommend the help of a dental filling. Traditionally, this process would consist of cleaning the cavity and filling the hole with a liquid metal that then hardens to reinforce your tooth’s integrity. What’s more? This also helps to keep infection from coming back and causing even more chaos.

The problem that accompanies metal fillings, however, is that they are extremely noticeable. To avoid the noticeable treatment done to your smile, our team recommends the use of composite resin.

Shade-Match Technology

One of the major benefits of composite resin fillings are their ability to be shade-matched to the exact hue of your grin. Indeed, we take care to effectively match the material to the color of your grin so that once treatment is complete, you can enjoy a near seamless appearance.

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